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M2 Pill - Mylan's 20mg Furosemide

What is Mylan's M2 pill? What kind of medication is the small round white pill with M2 index on the front side (the reverse side is blank)?

m2 pill - order mylan furosemide Mylan's M2 pill is Furosemide 20mg
(generic for Lasix) - a loop diuretic used in the treatment of congestive heart faillure, hypertension, edema, pulmonary edema, ascites, oliguria, hypercalcernia, nonobstructive oliguria, and renal failure.
The medication is also used in patients operated on for renal transplantation. Each M2 pill contains 20mg Furosemide.

Furosemide prevents accomulating too much salt in the body, removing it through urinary tracts. Each molecule of common salt (NaCl) binds about twenty molecules of water in the body. Two much salt in the system means water retention which in its turn means higher blood pressure, excessive heart load, and harder work for the liver and kidneys. Making you urinate more often, Furosemide reduces the amount of salt in your system, removing excessive water and in this way lessening the load on your cardiovascular system, the liver, and the kidneys.

However, too much urinating may cause dehydration and blood volume reduction. It may cause circulatory collapse and/or vascular thrombosis and embolism. When taking Furosemide (including Mylan's M2 formulation), you should pay attention to any signs of liquid disbalance in your body. Dry mouth, weakness or restlessness, hypotension, increased or faulty heart beat - all these can mean that the dosage of the medication should be changed, or the treatment discontinued. You are strongly recommended to ask your doctor for advice about taking Mylan M2 Furosemide and drinking water or consuming salt during treatment.

Frosemide is widely known under the brand name Lasix, marketed as this by the world's fourth largest pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis (France). Also a great number of generic versions of the medication is available, including those of them manufactured by Mylan Phatmaceuticals Inc in several strengths: Mylan M2 (20mg), Mylan 216 (40mg), and Mylan 232 (80mg).

You benefit directly when Mylan Generics are used in place of name-brand medicines. First, because you will be receiving a high quality medicine, and second, because Mylan Generics are generally more affordable.

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